Bringing Light to the Shadows: Dual Cure Adhesives

Dual Curing Adhesives for potting and encapsulating compounds in shadow or deep sections

Electrical components are usually potted (coated with another material) to prevent contamination or to allow protection from temperature and moisture. But traditional two-component potting methods have proven inadequate. This is because the two components impede production efficiency as they require mixing and are slow-curing.

Utilizing UV curable resins can mitigate such problems. However, products utilizing UV-curable resins tend to shrink and leave behind tacky surfaces due to lack of oxygen. Shadowed sections also require a second curing operation due to insufficient UV-light penetration.

Dual curing adhesives provide an effective solution for such problems. They respond to more than one curing technique, such as UV-light application or a temperature increase. This technique allows for the UV cure to act instantaneously, ensuring that important components are sealed into place. This allows product transportation and movement. The rest of the adhesive can then cure at a slower rate for optimal product quality. Dual curing adhesives can also be adapted to a manufacturer’s needs. This is because they are able to respond to different curing mechanisms that will amplify specific adhesive capabilities.

A new series of dual-curing UV curable resins that make use of shadow-cure technologies has also been recently developed. Such shadow-cure UV-curable resins are single-component and hence, streamline process productivity as they do not require additional mixing-dispensing equipment. Furthermore, once the exposed surface receives UV-exposure, shadow areas cure independently. This eliminates the need for a second cure operation. The problem of tacky surfaces is also removed as no UV resin is left uncured due to insufficient oxygen. Shadow-curing also extends the depth for deep curing capabilities to up to one inch.

The beauty of technology exists in its unbordered horizons; its explosive, unrestrained possibilities curtailed only by an absence of creativity. Do call us for more details!

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